Automatic Coil Winding Machine  

An automatic bobbinless coil winding machine is a CNC robot that turns self bonding wires (fine sized magnet wire with self bonding varnish) into perfect layer of coil in different shapes. An electromagnetic coil is formed when a conductor (like the self bonding magnet wires) is wound around as a bobbin-less core to create an inductor or electromagnet.

A tailor made tooling is designed according to the customer needs fulfilling the applications below.

  • VCM coils
  • Actuator coils
  • Speaker coils
  • RFID-Tag coil
  • Antenna coils
  • ANY general bobbinless coils

These coils are widely used in Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Mobile Phone, Transformer, Optical Pickup and in many different end applications.


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