About NYP
In 1979, NYP Trinity Limited started as a trading company in Hong Kong to supply electronic components to local manufacturers across the field of electrical appliance, transformer, mini motor, audio and video equipment.

Over the past decades, the growth of NYP was leveraged from China’s favorite policy to attract more foreign manufacturers. The gateways of opportunity open for NYP to supply more precise and advance electronic components to more booming industry such as mobile phone, computer laptop/desktop/printer, digital camera/video recorder, LCD /Plasma TV, automotive component assembly, etc….

Nowadays, the company developed to a business group occupying 45, 000 sq ft of office space and warehouses across Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Taiwan and USA. In 2007, the group achieved a sales turnover of USD 120 Million.

Diversified product range supported by reputable global supplier is the key to compete as a trustful network for sourcing components for consumer and industrial products.

The name of our company is derived from the first letter of 3 founder’s last name.

N – Stand for Mr. Nishiguchi
Y – Stand for Mr. Yeung
P – Stand for Mr. Poon

The name NYP also extends further to reflect the value of our company:

  A continuous philosophy to enhance our quality services formulates a strong tie between NYP and its Suppliers and Customers.  



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