Soldering Iron  

A Soldering iron is a device for applying heat to melt solder for attaching two metal parts.

A soldering iron is composed of a heated metal tip and an insulated handle. Heating is often achieved electrically, by passing a current, supplied through an electrical cord or abattery, through a heating element.

A temperature-controlled soldering station is a complete unit usually used for soldering electronic components, and consisting of an electrical power supply, a soldering iron, and is different for lead-based and lead-free solders. Lead-based solder uses 250°C to 280°C or 300°C while lead-free soldering needs a higher temperature, about 350°C to 400°C.

A variety of means are used to control temperature.

Bonkote is using a “ Load Application Temperature Control” Method as stated below

  • V Shaped Soldering Machine
    • Bon 7103, 7203, 6002, 6202, 6130 VFG
  • Bon Ben
    •  Bon 102 series
  • Soldering Iron
    • BJ Series, BN Series, SG Series
  • Solder Cleaning Machine
    • B-500, B-250
  • Measure Device
    • MCA-700II, MCA-900 I

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