Power Supply Cord  

A Power Supply cord connects an electric appliance to an electrical power source. The term is generally used for cables using a power plug to connect to a single phase alternating current power source at main voltage from 100 to 240 volts. A Power Cord can be either fixed or deteachable from the appliance. In the case of detachable leads, the appliance end of the power cord has a socket (female connector) rather than a plug (male connector) to link to the appliance and to avoid the dangers from having a live protruding pin.

Supplier : I-SHENG Electric Wire & Cable CO., LTD
Origin : ShenZhen, China.
Employee : 2,000
Production Line : 33
Production Quantity : 20,000,000 pieces of power cord and 5,000,000 pieces of power strips per month

Approval for 29 countries are supplied to fully satisfy our world wide customers. Around USD$ 3 million are spend to maintain and renew approval each year; ensuring our system is supervised by a fair third party, also a protection to consumer’s right.


World Power Supply Configurations            

Country Configuration
Country Configuration
Country Configuration
Afghanistan I Greenland (Den.) C, F Okinawa A
Albania C, D Grenada C, I, J Oman I, J
Algeria C, I, J Guadelope C, E    
American Samoa A, B, D, L Guam A, B Pakistan C, I
Angola C, D, E Guatemala A, B Panama A, B
Anguilla (U.K) G, J Guinea C, E Papua K, L
Antigua A, B, J Guinea-Bissau C, D Paraguay C
Argentina B, C, L Guyana A, B, C, I, J Peru A
Aruba A, B, C, D, I     Philippines A, B, C
Australia K, L Haiti A, B Pitcairn Islands (UK) J
Austria C, D Honduras A, B Poland C, D
Azores (Port.) C, D, I Hong Kong I, J Portugal C, D, I
    Hungary D Puerto Rico A, B
Bahamas A, B        
Bahrain B, I, J Iceland C, D Qatar I, J
Bangladesh C, I India C, I    
Barbados A, B, J Indonesia C, D Romania C, D
Belgium C, D, E Iran C, D Rwanda C
Belize A, B Iraq C, I, J    
Benin C, D, I Ireland D, J Saudi Arabia A, B, D, E, J
Bermuda A, B, J, L Isle of Man C, J Senegal E
Bolivia A, B, C, D Israel M Seychelles I, J
Botswana I, J Italy C, H Sierra Leone I, J
Brazil A, B, C Ivory Coast C Singapore C, I, J
Bulgaria C, D     Somalia C, E
Burkina Faso C Jamaica A, B South Africa I
Burma I, J Japan A, B Spain C, D
Burundi C, D, E Jordan C, D, I Sri Lanka A, B
        St. Pierre & Miquelon (Fr.) A, B
Cambodia B, C Kenya I, J St. Kitts & Nevis I, J
Cameroon C, D, E Korea A, D Lucia J
Canada A, B Kuwait C, I, J St. Vincent J
Canary Islands (Sp.) B, C, E     Sudan C, D, J
Canton J Laos A, C Surinam B, C, D
Cape Verde, Rep of C, D Lebanon C, J Svalbard (Nor.) D
Cayman Islands A, B Leeward & Windward Islands A, B Swaziland I
Central African Republic C, D Lesotho C, I Sweden C, D
Chad D, E, I Liberia A, C, D, J Switzerland C, G
Channel Islands C, J Libya I Syria C
Chile C, D, H Liechtenstein G    
China, People's Rep. of C, D, L Luxembourg C, D Tahiti E
Christmas Islands (Aust.) L     Taiwan A, B
Cocos Islands (Aust.) L Macao C, I, J Tanzania I, L
Columbia A, C Madagasger C, E Thailand A, C
Congo, Rep. of C Madeira (Port.) C, I Togo C, E
Cook Islands (N.Z) L Majorca C, D Tonga I, L
Costa Rica A, B Malawi J Trinidad & Tobago A, B, I, J
Cuba A Malaysia J Tunisia C
Cyprus J Maldives I Turkey C, D
Czechoslovakia D Mali, Rep. of C, E    
    Malta C, D, J Uganda J
Denmark C, F Martinique C, E United Arab Emirates I, J
Djibouti, Rep. of C, E Mauritania C United Kingdom I, J
Dominica J Mauritius C, I, J U.S.A. A, B
Dominican Republic A, B Mexico A, B Uruguay B, C, L
    Midway Island A, B U.S.S.R. C, D
Egypt C, J Monaco C, E    
El Salvador A, B Mongolia C Venezuela A, B
Equador A,C Montserrat A, B, J Vietnam A, B, C, E
Equatorial Guinea C, J Mozambique C, D Virgin Islands A, B
Ethiopia C, D, I Morocco C, D, E, I    
        Wake Island A, B
Falkland Islands (U.K) A, B Namibia I Western Samoa K, L
Fiji L Nepal I    
Finland C, D Netherlands C, D Yemen (Aden) I, J
France C, E Netherlands Antilles A, B, C, D Yemen, Arab Rep.of C, I
French Guiana B New Caledonia C, E Yugoslavia C, D
    New Zealand L    
Gabon C, E Nicaragua A Zaire E
Gambia, The J Niger C Zambia J
Germany, Dem. Rep. C, D Nigeria I, J Zimbabwe I, J
Germany, Fed. Rep. of D Norfolk Islands (Aust.) L    
Ghana C, I, J North Mariana Islands (U.S) A, B    
Gibraltar C, J Norway C, D    
Greece C, D        



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