Magnet Wire  

Magnet wire is referred to insulated copper or aluminum wire used in the coils of all types of electromagnetic machines and devices. It is single-strand wire insulated with enamel or varnish. In meeting with the immense variety of uses and to gain competitive advantage, a great number of kinds of enamel and fiber insulations are widely available.

Magnet wire is constructed from conductor, insulation film, oil and spool.

-  Conductor => Copper, Aluminum, others
-  Insulation film => Polyurethane, Polyester, Polyester-Imides, Polyimide-Imides, others
-  Oil => Liquid paraffinic, Solid paraffinic
-  Spool => Plastics (ABS, PS, others)

Below is the production process of magnet wires:

  • Electric components in electrical appliances
    1. Compressor motors for Air conditioners and refrigerators
    2. Micro motors
    3. General purpose motors
    4. General Transformers
    5. Deflection Yoke coils
      • Degaussing coils and fly-back transformer for displays & TV
      • Degaussing coils and converted transformer for LCD
    6. Relay Coils
    7. Coils for watch and clock movement
  • Electric components in Automobiles
    1. Starter motors
    2. Alternator
    3. Wiper motors
    4. Power windows
    5. Magnetos

  • SSB (self-bonding wire)
  • ATZ-300(AI/EI double coated wire)
  • HLW (Self lubricated wire)
  • UTZ (self lubricated tough wire)

Size => 0.01mm to 2.60mm

Specification under => JIS and NEMA, TIS and IEC

  1. Products are recognized under Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (E94303, E94304)
  2. ISO/TS16949, ISO9001,ISO14001,

The magnet wire is recognised the requirements of the Sony Green Partner Program (Certificate of Green Partner).



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