Flexible Flat Cable (FFC)  

Flexible flat cable, or FFC, refers to any variety of electrical cable that is both flat and flexible. However, the term FFC usually refers to the extremely flat cable often found in high density electronic applications like laptops and cell phones. FFC is a miniaturized form of ribbon cable, which is also flat and flexible. The cable usually consists of a flat and flexible plastic film base, with multiple metallic conductors bonded to one surface. At each end the cable is slightly thicker to aid insertion and removal.

Pitch - refers to the spacing of the conductors. A single FFC can have different pitches between different conductors on the same cable, however this is uncommon. Common pitches are 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm.

Exposure Length - the length of the electrical contact that has been exposed at the termination of the cable.

Stiffener - Most FFCs have some sort of extra material attached to the exposed length of the cable to facilitate ZIF or LIF connections.

There are many other different criteria in designing the FFC, please consult our specialist to discuss further.

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